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New product group under the BLITZ brand

The specialists of the German company Carberry GmbH have presented a new product group under the BLITZ brand - caliper repair kits! The auto parts of this long-awaited product group are already available at the company's warehouse.

The braking system of any vehicle is the main mechanism that guarantees the safety and the comfort of both the driver and the passengers as well as other road users. The caliper is one of its most important elements. The braking system of the car must be constantly maintained in excellent working condition and its serviceability should be always monitored. Caliper repair kit is a set of spare parts required for the repair and the maintenance of a caliper. Depending on the car’s brand, it may include such various elements as the caliper piston, caliper guide, various seals, etc.

The current expansion of the range includes 254 articles, which are suitable for installation on vehicles from leading global manufacturers.

The materials used in the production of BLITZ repair kits and the dimensions of the finished products fully comply with the OE quality and specifications of the automakers. All components of the BLITZ braking system have certificates that allow their use both in the EU countries, as well as in the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union. All brand products have a one-year unconditional guarantee from the date of purchase.

Range expansion of BLITZ brake pads

The German company Carberry GmbH is pleased to announce the expansion of one of the most demanded among car owners auto parts group - brake pads that are produced under the BLITZ brand.

A unique lapping layer created in accordance with the recommendations of the best German engineers can be mentioned among the main design features and important competitive advantages of BLITZ brake pads. In addition, we use a special friction material during the production process that is adapted to each type of pads, which ensures maximum braking efficiency and safety. All BLITZ brake pad carrier plates preserve all OE specifications. This approach to creating carrier plate prevents any distortion and jamming of braking pad inside caliper.

BLITZ brake pads can be installed in cars of almost all world's brands. The current expansion of the range is aimed primarily at cars from the Japanese and South Korean markets but there are also new positions for European cars. For example, the following items can be mentioned:

  • Article BB5065 for TOYOTA Yaris 05->;
  • Article BB0572 for CHEVROLET Lacetti 05->;
  • Articles BB0558 and BB0536 (front and rear pads) for MERCEDES C-Class (W205,S205)/E-Class (W213,S213)/GLC-Class (X253) 15->;
  • Article BB0578 for SSANGYONG Rexton 04->.


BLITZ brake pads are produced at modern factories. They are designed for use in difficult road and climatic conditions in various parts of the world. All BLITZ brake system’s elements have certificates that authorize their use both in the countries of EU and of the Customs Union and in the Russian Federation. All brand products have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.